Coprinus Comatus

Other Names:

Shaggy ink cap or Lawyer’s wig

What is coprinus comatus?

This mushroom is usually found in North America and Europe, often growing in meadows and grasslands. Coprinus comatus is a very fragile and is one of the few mushrooms whose effects where discovered by European medicine, not Chinese. It’s other names come from it’s white shaggy appearance when it matures, and that it starts dissolving into a black, inky mass soon after it is picked.

Health Benefits:

Could help to treat Leukemia

Research suggests that a protein in the mushroom known as Y3 binds with proteins on the surface of a certain type of leukaemia cell called LDNF – a sugar molecule usually found in parasites. This action triggered a cascade of enzymes that killed 90% of the leukaemia cells, suggesting the mushroom might be a promising candidate for new treatments for leukaemia.

May help balance blood sugar levels

Coprinus comatus contains a natural compound that mimics insulin, giving this mushroom the potential for balancing blood sugar levels. Studies into the hypoglycemic activity of coprinus comatus rich in vanadium showed the blood glucose and the HbA1c of hyperglycemic mice decreased significantly and the sugar tolerance of normal mice improved when consuming the mushroom.

Typical Uses:

We suggest a dosage of 500mg to 2g a day of Time Health’s Coprinus Comatus – 100g Powder, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.