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I'm so glad that I can buy all of my vitamin supplements in one place and from a trusted supplier. It makes everything easy. The quality of the products is first class, and the service and care with which everything is processed, packed and delivered is perfect. I've been a happy customer from the start.

Lou W

Claire and her team are very pleasant and professional.Claire in particular is always ready to give any advice.I am completely happy with their care, packaging and speed of delivery.The products also especially Le Lions Mane and Resveratrol have an unparalleled quality.Well done everyone and thank you all.


I am a customer based in Ireland, and I came to Vita Nuova because my local heath shop stopped carrying a particular product due to Brexit.I am delighted with the product (multi mushroom capsules) and the service.I can wholeheartedly recommend this company.

JM Burr

I would like to take this space to thank the Vita Nuova team and especially Claire big time from the bottom of my heart for the sincere hand-written letter I received upon the arrival of my AHCC supplements!<3
I really appreciate your time and thought on this.

P Uner

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