Broccoli is rich in multiple vitamins, minerals and fibre. It can be eaten cooked or raw, but different cooking methods alter the vegetable’s nutrient composition. Boiling, microwaving, stir-frying and steaming reduce vitamin C, soluble protein and sugar in brocolli, however steaming appears to have the fewest negative effects. Regardless of this, it is still an excellent source of vitamin C – just half a cup (78 grams) of cooked broccoli provides 84% of the reference daily intake.

Health Benefits:

May support heart health

Several studies suggest that broccoli may support heart health in a variety of ways. One study showed significantly reduced triglycerides and ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol as well as increased ‘good’ HDL cholesterol levels in people who were treated with a powdered broccoli supplement.

Broccoli is also rich in a sulphur rich compound called sulforaphane, a powerful anti-inflammatory that prevents plaque build-up. Research has been shown to support the idea that this specific antioxidant may reduce the overall risk of a heart attack.

Promotes healthy bones and joints

There are many nutrients in broccoli that are known to support healthy bones and prevent bone-related disorders. It is a good source of vitamin K, A, B and C as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, all of which are vital nutrients for maintaining strong, healthy bones.

One study indicates that the sulforaphane found in broccoli may aid in preventing osteoarthritis, as sufferers tend to have low vitamin K levels. Vitamin K is vital for bones to absorb osteocalcin, which is the protein that binds calcium to the bones making them strong and flexible – but can only be absorbed in its carboxylated form which is created by vitamin K.

May support healthy brain function

Broccoli contains nutrients and bioactive compounds that may slow mental decline and support healthy brain and nervous tissue function. A study has revealed that one serving per day of broccoli may resist mental decline associated with ageing.

Typical Uses:

Broccoli can be eaten cooked, raw or taken as a supplement. We suggest taking 1 capsule of Premium TrueBroc® Formula daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.