Other Names:

Winter Cherry, Withania somnifera (Latin name)

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a small woody plant with yellow flowers, native to India and North Africa. The root of the plant is historically considered as a natural Ayurvedic remedy and modern science links it to reduced stress and anxiety, improved blood sugar levels, mood and memory.

Health Benefits:

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Ashwagandha Root is well known for its stress-lowering properties.

Studies show that the root appears to help lower serum cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress. The findings suggest that Ashwagandha can safely and effectively improve a person’s resistance towards stress and thereby improves self-assessed quality of life.

Supports the Immune System

As an antioxidant, Ashwagandha is a powerful herb that supports the overall immune system function. It can reduce the harmful suppressive effects of chemotherapeutic drugs, as well as defending the body against parasitic, bacterial and viral infections.

Research has found that Ashwagandha increases the production of antibodies and white blood cell counts, this is why it has been especially used in Ayurveda to support patient’s recovery.

Improves fertility

Ashwagandha may help boost fertility and promote reproductive health, particularly in men. Studies show treatment of infertile men recovered the seminal plasma levels of antioxidant enzymes and vitamins A,C and E, whilst also significantly increasing the testosterone levels. The roots stress-lowering abilities also contribute to creating an optimal environment for fertility and conception.

Can help to improve memory

The root has traditionally been used in Ayurveda to help boost memory, and scientific studies have found evidence to support this. These studies show that Ashwagandha can slow, stop or reverse the loss of neurons. The qualities are partly due to the antioxidants present that repel free radicals and prevent them from damaging brain cells.

Typical Uses:

The dosage of Ashwagandha powder or capsules is dependent on your needs.


Ashwagandha has been used for over 3000 in Ayurvedic and indigneous medicine. Roughly translated to ‘the smell and strength of a horse’, once ground the herb is said to smell like a horse and therefore impart the power of one, too. The plant is known as a plant that promotes longevity, vitality and happiness, also known as Rasayanas in Ayurveda, these are traditionally given to small children and the elderly to support overall well-being.