American Ginseng

What is American Ginseng?

Used in traditional Chinese medicine and by Native American healers, American ginseng is a herb said to boost energy, prevent infections and even treat diabetes and cancer. It grows in the United States, in particular Eastern and Central parts such as Appalachian and Ozark Mountains. Studies suggest that the roots benefits are partly due to the ginsenosides it contains, that prevent the growth of cancer cells, lower blood sugar and even treat dementia.

Health Benefits:

May fight fatigue

A review of studies into American ginseng suggests that it may be a viable treatment for people who have chronic illnesses. Another study found that cancer patients who supplemented with American ginseng daily for eight weeks found an improvement in vitality.

Could help with symptoms of diabetes

According to a study, American ginseng could help regulate blood sugar. The participants of the study found that when combined with fibre, American ginseng helped to lower blood sugar over a twelve week period. The maintenance of normal blood sugar levels is important for both the prevention and management of diabetes.

Typical Uses:

American ginseng can be consumed as a supplement, tea or a whole root. Try our Ginseng Complex supplement.