High Strength, Ultra Strength & NGF – Which Lion’s Mane is for me?

Given its name due to its resemblance to the King of the Jungle’s locks, Lion’s Mane is a mushroom that usually grows on decaying hardwood trees throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and has been proven to offer number of benefits from supporting cognitive function to improving digestion and immunity.

At Vita Nuova we have a great range of Lion’s Mane products, and one of the most common questions amongst our customers is ‘which one is best for me?’ So this blog post is here to answer that question.

Our three main Lion’s Mane products are Ultra Strength, NGF and High Strength, read below to find learn the difference between each one and decide which one is best for you.

Ultra Strength Lion’s Mane

Our Ultra Strength Lion’s Mane is best for supporting immunity and gut health. This product is hot water extracted to draw out bio-actives and contains the highest percentage of beta glucans (50%) out of all of our Lion’s Mane products. Beta glucans are a soluble fibre that can help the body fight off infections by stimulating the immune system, whilst there is also evidence that they support gut health and have had positive effect in patients with stomach cancer, gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Lion’s Mane NGF

Our Lion’s Mane NGF is best for cognitive health. It is one of the strongest supplements of its kind, containing 4.8mg of hericenones, a compound within the body of Lion’s Mane mushroom which is thought to stimulate the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and give Lion’s Mane its cognitive enhancing properties. It is dual extracted using alcohol and water to draw out the hericenones and beta glucans.

Lion’s Mane High Strength

Our Lion’s Mane High Strength is a great option if you are looking for both cognitive and immune support. It contains 50% Polysaccharides and like the NGF, it is dual extracted with both water and alcohol to draw out both types of bioactive, yet unlike NGF it contains a higher level of beta glucans (30%) – meaning it can better support immunity than our NGF supplement. At the same time, it can support cognitive health better than our Ultra Strength due the alcohol extraction of polysaccharides.

We also have an Organic Lion’s Mane that contains 37% Polysaccharides for those who would prefer a slightly weaker dose.