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Looking good is so important.... who doesn't want to glow while on holiday? And we want to return from our well-earned time off looking fresh, revitalised, healthy and fit. The team at Vita Nuova have put two comprehensive packages together, each one targeting beauty, health and youthfulness from the inside : really clean, effective nutritional supplements but in a package designed to boost skin quality, luxuriant hair, stronger nails and bright, nourished eyes.  

Over the summer, you can test for yourself our two-month plan for beauty from within.

Could collagen be a Game-Changer on your path to optimal health?
Great health depends on having access to a multitude of nutrients that are clean, nature-based, pure, readily absorbed by the body, and that includes collagen. But alarmingly, collagen is an essential nutrient that has virtually disappeared from our diet. How has this "collagen depletion" come about?

Human beings have been hunter-gatherers for hundreds of thousands of years, foraging for a wholesome diet of plants, berries, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, as well as insects, small animals, fish and birds - in fact it was the variety and richness of this diet that supplied all their nutritional needs. Collagen was consumed daily and plentifully, ensuring early humans were strong, flexible, fast, and that  injuries, skin wounds and broken bones healed quickly. 

Fast forward 150,000 years or so and the only foraging we do now is on supermarket shelves! Our dietary needs haven't changed over time, but the food available to us has. The nutritional content of our food depends on the quality of the soil, air, water it is produced in - intense farming of plants and animals means our food quality has diminished drastically. It gets harder and harder for our nutritionally-starved bodies and brains to consume what we need to maintain an optimum state of health and well-being. Sadly collagen is one of those critical ingredients that has practically vanished from the modern diet.

Where has all the collagen gone? 
Collagen is abundant in gristle, bone, skin, connective tissue, blood vessels, and offal - all of which comes beautifully distributed throughout every fish, animal, insect and bird. Until very recently, mankind consumed the entire creature, ensuring a daily input of that critical nutrient: collagen. Next time you 'forage' the meat section of your supermarket, you will be hard put to locate any natural sources of collagen. You can blame the butcher: naked chicken breasts; skinless, boned fish; chunks of tender meat where all the goodness of collagen has been meticulously removed and left behind on the butcher's table. Tender, muscle meat is collagen poor!

Why is collagen so critical to beautiful skin, nails and hair?
Collagen forms the building blocks and structural cohesion of our anatomy and the word is derived from the Greek 'kolla', or glue. It's the most common protein found in our body, formed by amino acids we consume in our food. Omnipresent throughout our body, it's a strong protein matrix that forms the scaffolding for our skin, nails and hair, our cartilage, bones and tendons, our muscles and the discs between our vertebrae, our corneas, the lining of our gut, and even our blood vessels.

The bad news for skin:  Age. After the age of 30 our ability to naturally produce collagen wanes by about 1% per year, which explains those sags, bags, wrinkles and cellulite.

Lifestyle factors affecting skin quality: over-exposure to sunshine and ultraviolet light; smoking; over-consumption of sugar (sugar molecules form AGEs or Advanced Gylcation End Products, which cause wrinkles and loss of elasticity by attaching to the elastin and collagen in skin; stress; poor nutrition, poor sleep and insufficient exercise.

And here's the good news: Supplementing our diets with collagen could not be easier. Time Health has created a wide range of collagens, from Vegan Vollagen, and Collagen Peptides powder (bovine source) to Marine Collagen (fish). Once a day, either in powder or capsule form, we can supply this critical nutrient that modern life has practically eradicated from our diet. It's tasteless, odourless, and provides what we need to replenish collagen stocks and create beauty from within. 

Note: collagen and Vitamin C work synergistically, so be sure to consume adequate fresh fruit and vegetables in parallel. Alternatively you can consume your daily collagen with one teaspoon per day of Time Health fruit powders, packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols and natural vitamin C! 

Health benefits attributed to oral supplementation of collagen:
plump, better-moisturised skin, filling out fine lines, turning back the clock on ageing
*strengthening nails and growing strong, luxuriant hair
building, repairing and strengthening bones, cartilage, tendons and muscles
*keeping age-related aches and pains at bay
repairing 'leaky gut*', thereby reducing gastrointestinal issues, food sensitivities and allergies
('leaky gut' is a condition whereby toxins, microbes, undigested proteins such as gluten can pass through the intestine and into the bloodstream due to the collagen-dense gut lining becoming permeable. It can be caused by taking antibiotics, which kill both good and bad gut bacteria, and a poor modern diet contaminated by anti-nutrients, weedkillers, heavy metals and chemicals used in food production and agriculture.)
regenerating new tissue after sports injury, wound-healing
supports the immune system, reduces chronic inflammation

Further Reading: If you want to learn much more about collagen's ability to heal and nourish from the inside out,  "The Collagen Diet: A 28-Day Plan for Sustained Weight Loss, Glowing Skin, Great Gut Health, and a Younger You" by Dr Josh Axe is a really informative, well-researched book. It will explain all those added benefits of taking collagen for skin health, like improved eye sight, healing leaky gut, improved arteries and veins etc.


Here is a delicious, 3 ingredient recipe for using any of the Time Health Collagen powders: 
Remember collagen and vitamin C work together, so it makes good sense to combine them.
2 – 3 dessertspoons of good quality yoghurt (Greek yoghurt, coconut yoghurt or crème fraîche*)
1 teaspoon/2 grams Collagen Peptides Powder OR Marine Collagen Powder OR ½ teaspoon/1gram Advanced Vegan Collagen powder
1 teaspoon/4 grams Acerola Cherry 26% powder 
Mix all three ingredients in a small bowl and enjoy as a deeply nourishing, tasty dessert.
Add honey or natural stevia if required.

My personal recommendation is to add Time Health fruits powders, as they add intense flavour, lots of colourful polyphenols and antioxidants:
Sea Buckthorn Powder: 1 teaspoon /2 grams OR
Viberi NZ Blackcurrant powder: I heaped teaspoon / 6 grams
Blueberry powder: 2 teaspoons / 6 grams
* if you take vitamin D, use high fat yoghurt or crème fraîche, as vitamin D is fat-soluble and is best absorbed with your fattiest meal of the day

What our customers say:


VERISOL Collagen
I don't usually write reviews, but I am not just pleasantly surprised, I'm astonished at the difference collagen has made to my appearance and skin health.
Some background: I healed myself from an autoimmune disease (Grave's disease) through optimal nutrition, including the use of Time Health supplements. Now I'm on a personal quest to be my best self by optimising my diet and lifestyle. I determined I wanted to improve the quality of my skin and use high-quality nutrition and supplements to achieve that goal.
I have suffered from very dry skin all my life. I assumed this to be genetic, as no amount of moisturising, body brushing, or good, healthy food had any effect. I'm 61, and in the past 2 years I have developed a real aversion to my stringy 'turkey neck", plenty of overdosing of sun (I lived in Italy and now France) meant my arms and shoulders had age spots and areas of no pigmentation. Recently I've developed deep, saggy grooves from nose to mouth, and my fine, dry, facial skin was thinning alarmingly with lots of longitudinal fine lines, like crepe paper, when I smiled. My skin was starting to let me down and age me before my time. I did some research into collagen, found it to be safe (no horrible side effects), and then opted for both the Time Health Collagen Peptides Powder (bovine collagen, types I and III) and Marine Collagen (fish base, type I). Why both? Because I had no idea which to buy, I decided to use both in tandem. Type I collagen provides the structure for plump, hydrated skin, healthy bones, connective tissue, teeth - besides it is a peptide powder which means the collagen has been "hydrolysed" or broken down into shorter chains of protein, more easily digested (and I know as we age, people tend not to absorb nutrients so well). I opted for the Marine Collagen because I'm not a great eater of fish skin and bones (primary source of fish collagen).
How I take it: I put a nice helping of seasonal fruit (currently raspberries from the garden) in the blender along with a little water, and a rounded teaspoon of both Collagen Peptide powder and Marine Collagen. To boost the effect of the collagen I add two teaspoons of a Time Health New Zealand blackcurrant powder for extra polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin C. I pour this into a dessert dish, add a tablespoon of creme fraiche - seriously delicious. Definitely no taste of bovine or fish at all, absolutely neutral in taste and smell.
After 3 days my skin was much more moisturised. Visible result in 3 days!!!! I haven't used any moisturiser in 2 months now, as I wanted to be sure it was the collagen effect. I've taken Collagen daily through June, July and August and my face honestly is plump, dewy, the longitudinal lines from dry taut skin have gone. Wrinkles are less visible. NOTHING I have ever done has made such a clear, visible difference. My face glows. * Sun spots and areas of no pigment on face, arms and shoulders are improving week on week. 12 weeks later I have no white spots left, and some 'attractive' freckles remain. Sun-burnt, leathery skin due to decades of abuse is sloughing off and being replaced with skin that looks 30 years younger. *
Apparently Collagen contains Glutamine which promotes a healthier stress response, restful sleep and better cognitive function - true in my case. * My hands were "born old" as my mother said. Thin, papery skin, age spots, I really had the hands of a 70 year old at age 45. Now they are vastly improved, look moist and smoother, though the fine lines are still visible. Apparently Collagen is beneficial for nails and hair, but I have not had any issues with mine, however my toenails are growing faster and look smoother and healthier. * Due to the after-effects of Grave's disease and Thyroid Eye Disease, my eyelids are puffy from scar tissue and I often have dry eyes. I believe the scar tissue is now reducing and my eyes are less tired/dry. When friends comment on how well I'm looking, I share my experiences, so I imagine Time Health will be getting quite a few orders via people I know.

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